Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at DBP! We started the annual tradition of dressing up in 2015 and moved to a yearly theme for 2018. This is a great way to get everyone involved and have a little fun while we’re working. The favorite theme so far has definitely been 2018 with the insurance company mascots, not sure we’ll be able to top that one anytime soon.

Halloween 2023

Theme: Barbie…and Ken

Halloween 2022

Theme: Grease

Halloween 2021

Theme: Peace, Love and Hippies

Halloween 2020

Theme: Toy Story

Halloween 2019

Theme: Alice in Wonderland

Halloween 2018

Theme: Insurance mascots (pretty fitting, right?)

2018 Pumpkin Carving Contest put on by Enterprise Rent A Car.
We won!

Halloween 2017

Throwback before we started doing coordinated group costumes!

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2015